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Bat Gantry

BAT UK offers Fed members priority installation of new gantry

BAT UK has launched a new sustainable gantry solution that can help Fed members stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing alternative nicotine market.


The gantry blends sustainability, innovation, and quality and is BAT’s response to ongoing changes in the UK market for tobacco and the rise in the number of alternative nicotine products.

The first gantries will be installed this month and include several features to help retailers display products and promotions more clearly for customers.

Exclusive Fed offer – Fed members are able to receive prioritised installation of their BAT Gantry, subject to meeting the requirements for inclusion in the project.


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BAT UK Gantry

Hear from five Fed members who viewed the gantry in action, even seeing how the product is made in Barcelona

Bobby Singh - BAT UK gantry
Bobby Singh, BB Nevison Superstore, Pontefract, Yorkshire

“Since last week’s visit, BAT UK has made positive changes to their new solution. It looks more sleek, more dynamic and brightens the products and shows it off more than before. The push mechanism is great, especially for stocking up, and I would like to see it expanded so I can include more products as mine and BAT UK’s ranges increase.”

Natalie BAT UK gantry
Natalie Lightfoot, Londis Solo Convenience, Glasgow

“Today’s visit has been very insightful. BAT UK has listened to all of our feedback, both from Glasgow and today in Barcelona, and I know it’s a lot of different things they need to take into consideration. These include the route to th market, how it would fit into convenience stores and how we are all different as retailers.”

Trudy - BAT UK gantry
Trudy Davies, Woonsam and Davies, Llanidloes

“The factory was really interesting and was great to see how the gantry is made. I’m very impressed with the fact that everything is manufactured here and that everything which can be, is recycled. The sustainability of the factory is amazing. BAT UK has completely taken on board our feedback, even down to the width and depth.”

Sunita BAT UK gantry
Sunita Aggarwal, Spar Hackenthorpe, Sheffield

“Going on the tour was amazing to see how they put everything together. We also liked how they source all their materials locally, too. It’s nice to be part of the journey. We would like to see doors added – or to be an option for the future. Theft is an issue and challenge for retailers. Having a door or shutter will help to deter stock being stolen.”

Vince BAT UK gantry
Vince Malone, Tenby Stores, Pembrookshire

“It’s clear that BAT UK are great at what they do and today has been fantastic. From a customer’s point of view, the gantry is really eye-catching. It will apture their attention as soon as the walk in store, and while they might not purchase something straight away, it brings those products to the forefront of their mind.”