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Campaigning for You

Learn more about our political engagement work in the corridors of power.

Championing you where it matters most

Our campaigning is an important part of the work we do to support and represent you.

Our political engagement team focuses on the issues that affect you and your business. Among others, we engage with:

  • Politicians in the parliaments and assemblies across the UK
  • Members of the Dail Eireann
  • Police and crime commissioners
  • Officials in the Home Office, Scottish Government and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

As well as campaigning on issues raised by the government, we also drive the campaigning on a range of important issues. These include retail crime, the introduction of a deposit return scheme, reform of business rates and the impact of increasing payroll costs.

Fighting Retail Crime


No one working behind a counter should have to suffer verbal or physical abuse.

Nobody running a business should see their hard work put at risk from shop theft.

Thanks to our efforts, retail crime is now high on the agenda in the Home Office. We continue to push the government, police and crime commissioners and local police forces to take retail crime seriously, prosecute offenders and give you the support you should be able to expect.

We are pushing for government security grants of up to £1,500 to help small businesses combat retail crime. Read more about our Safe Secure Supported campaign and sign the petition to show your support.


Reforming Business Rates
Reforming Business Rates

Reforming Business Rates


Business rates have been increasing year on year.

The current system needs reform, and we are working with the government and other stakeholders to level the playing field with online retailers who pay a fraction of the business rates you do.

The government has started a review of business rates. We will be engaging fully to get you the continued protection from business rates you need.

Managing Costs


Nobody denies the need to pay a decent wage for a day’s work.

But the current fixation with targets for the national living wage takes no account of the knock-on effects on your costs. Increases in hourly rates also increase your NI contributions and pension costs. It is quickly becoming unsustainable.

Too many business owners are taking on ever-more hours because they cannot afford the costs of paying staff.

Among others, we continue to engage with the Low Pay Commission, which recommends increases in the national living wage to government. We want to persuade ministers to beyond hourly rates, considering the impact to total payroll costs and businesses like yours having to meet these costs.

Managing Costs
Managing Costs

A Deposit Return Scheme That Works For All

Recycling has become part of our way of life, but there is more still to do.

Governments across the UK are committed to the introduction of a deposit return scheme (DRS), where consumers pay slightly more for the product but get the extra – the deposit – back if they return the container to a retailer, collection machine or other collection points.

The Republic of Ireland launched its DRS scheme in February 2024, while the UK and Scottish Governments have announced that they are planning to launch their DRS schemes in 2025.

We are campaigning for DRS schemes that work for all retailers. Independent retailers should benefit from any increased footfall. With the UK government still developing its policy, this work continues.

Read more on Scottish DRS

Read more on Irish DRS


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