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Help for Hobbies

Industry charity NewstrAid has launched a funding scheme to help parents with a newstrade connection who are struggling to cover the costs of their children’s pastimes. The Help for Hobbies Children’s Recreation Fund offers up to £250 per child towards the costs...

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A successful night at the races raises £1,300 for charity

On February 22, 2022, a group of Federation retailers managed to raise £1,300 at a race night in Chepstow, in aid of the industry charity NewstrAid. Around 70 members were in attendance at the event that was organised by then district president Donna Dudden of the...

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NewstrAid to aid with rising energy bills

NewstrAid, the industry charity, will be offering a discretionary grant to its most vulnerable beneficiaries to help them cover the cost of rising household bills due to increased energy prices. To access the grant, people working in the news industry and their close...

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Introduction to NewstrAid’s Wellbeing Suite

The industry charity NewstrAid would like to invite members of the Fed to an hour-long virtual session to introduce its new Wellbeing Suite. The Wellbeing Suite is available for anyone with a connection to the newstrade and provides a wide range of free health and...

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