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Scotland’s rules on face coverings in shops and on public transport will remain in place until April due to a rise in cases of Covid-19.

All other restrictions on businesses and services such as the requirement for businesses to collect customer contact details, are to move from legal requirement to guidance from March 21. All Covid travel rules will also be lifted.

The rising Covid cases will be reviewed again in two weeks, when the face covering rule is expected to be converted to guidance by April 4.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also told MSPs that mass testing will be wound down in April, with routine testing and contact tracing to end by May.

When announcing the delay in ending the face covering requirements, she stated: “I know this will be disappointing for businesses and service providers such as day care services, however, ensuring continued widespread use of face coverings will provide some additional protection – particularly for the most vulnerable – at a time when the risk of infection is very high, and it may help us get over this spike more quickly.”

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