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News wholesaler Menzies Distribution has written to customers in Scotland to advise of changes to its local operations.

During the covid-19 lockdown, a number of depot rationalisations were introduced as a temporary measure but Menzies has now taken the decision to make these permanent.

Customers served by its Irvine, Perth and Galashiels depots will be affected.

In the letters, Menzies advises that it is making “ detailed plans to ensure minimal disruption to your business, and we are committed to maintaining service standards throughout the change process.”

Members experiencing any issues with these changes are advised to contact Menzies directly in the first instance.

Download each letter here:

Gala Permanent Transfer To Newbridge

Irvine Permanent Transfer To Linwood

Perth Permanent Transfer To Dundee

Gala Permanent Transfer To Berwick

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