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Sussex police and the Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne have created a new Christmas campaign focussing on the impact that abuse has on shop workers and their families.

Mrs Bourne has devised the campaign saying ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to abuse against shop workers. With support, she wants to ensure that as a nation we are all #KeepingChristmasKind.

The campaign has been financially backed by The Co-op, who alone see on average 730 incidents per day, ranged from colleagues being threatened by knives with others being hospitalised after an attack.

According to Usdaw, The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers, 76% of shop workers say that abuse and violence have been made worse during Covid.

Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne said:

“The rise in assaults and abuse against shop workers is getting out of hand.”

“This pandemic has shown how important our local businesses and their staff are to our communities. Intimidation, verbal abuse and violence of any kind against our shop workers cannot be tolerated.”

“I’m seriously concerned about the impact a Covid Christmas may have on our local stores. We have all had an incredibly challenging year but we cannot stand by and watch those who have helped keep our country going, be abused in this way.”

“Please share the ‘Keeping Christmas Kind’ message and help me encourage people to stop, take a step back and rethink their behaviour.”

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