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Keep your contactless card safe

From 15 October the spending limit for contactless cards is being increased from £45 to £100. Whilst it will take time to update all the card payment terminals the increase does make bank card theft more attractive to offenders. It will be easier for a thief to use a lost or stolen card to make larger purchases, especially if the victim has not noticed that the card is missing. You can limit the risk of contactless fraud by following some simple steps:

  • Invest in a purse chain with bells which attaches your wallet to your bag or pocket.
  • Remove all valuables including bags with bank cards from your car.
  • Check bank statements regularly, if you see unexpected payments contact your bank immediately.
  • Don’t let anyone take your card out of sight to make a payment and always ask for a receipt.
  • If you think your card is lost or stolen, contact your bank straight away to cancel it. Many mobile banking apps have the facility to pause or cancel a card immediately.
  • If you have been a victim of fraud, report it to Action Fraud using their online tool, or by calling 0800 123 0240.


Victim Care Service

Specialist support services are available through The Victim Care Service. Crime can impact you in many ways which is why their support is tailored to individual needs. To find out about their free and confidential service, call 0808 178 1641.


Give your views on policing priorities

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones is consulting on her full draft Police and Crime Plan and would like to invite residents to give their feedback before the online survey closes on the 14 October 2021. The draft plan and survey can be accessed on the Police and Crime Commissioner website.


Take Five to Stop Fraud: The Art of Saying No

Take Five to Stop Fraud have launched a new campaign ‘The Art of Saying No’. Saying ‘no’ can feel uncomfortable, but it’s okay to reject, refuse or ignore requests if someone is asking for your personal or financial information. Only criminals will try to rush and panic you. If you receive a scam email #StopChallengeProtect and forward to and texts to 7726.


Safety when buying or selling online

It has become very popular to buy and sell items online and on social media. This can also involve meeting people you don’t know to exchange items and money. It always pays to be vigilant, as you do not know the person you are speaking to or arranging to meet. Some ways you can protect yourself as a buyer or seller online are:

  • Use an online payment option such as PayPal which can protect you.
  • Never transfer money directly into a seller’s account without viewing the item in person at a safe place.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • For additional tips visit Get Safe Online.


StreetSafe Tool

StreetSafe is a new online tool launched by the home office to enable people to anonymously pin-point locations where they feel or have felt unsafe. It is not a means of reporting crime. The data can inform organisations such as the police, councils and transport providers to take action to prevent crime. For more information, visit


The Bobby Scheme

The Bobby Scheme is a free service where trained police-vetted fitters will visit a home to carry out a full crime prevention and fire safety survey and fit items such as locks and smoke alarms. It is free to those who are vulnerable due to age, circumstance, disabled, or a victim of household crime. Anyone can make a referral, including individuals, friends, family and doctors.

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