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Female members of the NFRN recently came together on March 8th to celebrate international women’s day in Telford, West Midlands.

Eight members attended as representatives of independent women retailers and members of the NFRN.

The women were invited by Jules Kaur, vice chair of the NFRN’s West Midlands district and one of the event’s organisers.

The event took place at the Telford Cultural and Leisure Centre and was sponsored by Bookers.

This was the town’s first ever official international women’s day celebration.

International women’s day is celebrated globally on March 8th and is a day of advocacy designed to recognise the achievements of women – both past and present – and promote women’s rights.

Concerning the day, NFRN member Trudy Davies said: “It was a feel-good, positive and educational event. It was really relaxing and inspiring meeting strong women from all walks of life, professions and nationalities.

“We were each given a rose upon arrival. There was also a band and choir for entertainment – we all sang hymns and other songs together.

“A lot of us brought our own food for everyone to eat. It was so beautiful trying dishes from so many countries, including Jamaica and Poland. It really gave me an appreciation for all of the different cultures within our community.”

Speaking about the importance of international women’s day, Mrs Davies continued: “Women have fought and died for us and our rights – it is so important to recognise that and celebrate the positive movements that the world has made because of their bravery.

“As a woman in business, although there are now many women within the industry, it is easy to think that it is only me struggling – especially because I live in a rural area.

“This event made me realise that I am not alone. It has reminded me that I can do anything that I want.

“When I was young, there wasn’t half as many opportunities for young women.

“We’ve come so far and we now live in a society where I can tell my daughter that – if you work hard enough – anything is possible.”

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