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Dear Retail Partner

I am writing to let you know that from issue dated 21st March 2020, and until further notice, we will only be producing one edition of the Eastern Daily Press and East Anglian Daily Times. There is no change to Norwich Evening News both of which are already one edition.

For clarity barcodes on the merged edition of Eastern Daily Press will be the current Main Edition whilst on the East Anglian Daily Times the barcode will be the current East Edition. These are the usual barcodes used when we merge editions so hopefully will already be set up in your systems.

Details are:

Title and Day                                                                          Barcode
Eastern Daily Press – Monday                                              977 0307095511
Eastern Daily Press – Tuesday                                             977 0307095528
Eastern Daily Press – Wednesday                                        9770307095535
Eastern Daily Press – Thursday                                            977 0307095542
Eastern Daily Press – Friday                                                 977 0307095559
Eastern Daily Press – Saturday                                             977 0307095665
East Anglian Daily Times – Monday                                      977 0958389618
East Anglian Daily Times – Tuesday                                     977 0958389625
East Anglian Daily Times – Wednesday                                977 0958389632
East Anglian Daily Times – Thursday                                    977 0958389649
East Anglian Daily Times – Friday                                         977 0958389656
East Anglian Daily Times – Saturday                                     977 0958389663

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local wholesaler or our Retailer Services team on 01603 772738, email

As always thank you for your help and whilst writing can I also thank you for all the support you are providing to your local communities in this challenging time. It is very impressive, and I am sure gratefully received.

Kind regards.

Darron Mc Loughlin
Circulation Director – Archant

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