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Lockdown restrictions in Wales have been extended for a further three weeks, First Minister Mark Drakeford has confirmed.

However, rules around exercising with people from other households will be relaxed.

People can now exercise with one other person from one other household – if they live locally.

People can also dissolve and recreate a new support bubble, but must leave a gap of at least ten days. The rules surrounding who can form a support bubble remain the same.

Mr Drakeford said: “We are going to ease that very slightly by allowing you to meet one other person from one other household, provided they are living locally to you so that you will be able to exercise.

“We are going to allow people to dissolve the bubble they are in and reform it – provided there is a 10 day gap between the two.

“I hope these two very small and careful steps will be the first towards a time when we can all live with fewer restrictions on our lives and without fear of this terrible virus.”

The Welsh government said that things are “improving” but another three weeks of restrictions are needed to “allow the NHS to recover”.

It also said that there could be a “phased and flexible return to school after February 22 if the public health situation continues to improve”.

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