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The new £72 million footfall grant scheme was the main topic up for discussion when Northern Ireland member Donagh McGovern met with Finance Minister Conor Murphy this week.

This new grant is good news for members as it will provide much-needed financial assistance to retailers who were able to remain open during the pandemic but suffered a major drop in footfall.

More than 13,000 businesses, which did not qualify for support during the most recent lockdown period, will receive top-up grants. Of those, 12,100 businesses will receive a £5,000 top-up while more than 1,100 businesses will receive a £10,000 top-up.

Launching the scheme Mr Murphy said:

I have been determined throughout the pandemic to ensure support reaches as many businesses as possible.

These top-up payments will benefit thousands of small and medium-sized businesses across retail, hospitality, tourism, leisure and manufacturing, which were unable to access Executive business support schemes.

This grant will cover a wider range of business including convenience stores, hardware stores, bakeries, financial services, engineering firms, and coach services to name a few.

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