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Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions for your reference. Of course if require further information we are always contactable via Email at or via telephone on 0800 1216376


How does my range work?

You will have been allocated a core range based on your available selling space and other factors

What about titles I sell outside this range?

Any titles that you require for customer orders or local sales can be added as Store Manager Choice titles.

Can I add titles if I believe there is a sales opportunity or a new customer request?

Yes the process is unchanged and you contact your wholesale to request as Store Manager Choice.

How soon will I see any changes to my range?

Changes will be applied to next available issue. This means full range should be in place with 5-6 weeks at most.

What do I do I receive any titles outside my agreed range?

Contact the team via email or telephone and we will investigate to resolve.

What do I do if my selling space changes?

Contact us a.s.a.p in order that we can review your range

Does Newspro control number of titles received and their quantities?

Newspro manages the number of titles (Core range + Store Manager Choice). You control the quantities as you have the most up to date sales data enabling you to react more quickly.

Can you support if I operate HND?

Yes we have a host of information for those who operate Home News delivery via Store2Door

Is my range permanently set?

Once in place your wholesale are not allowed to add titles, however you can add Store Manager Choice (SMC) titles at any time. Newspro also review the core range of titles twice yearly. You will be informed on any changes to core range.



How will you keep me up to date?

You will receive a regular communication via email informing you of group performance, sales opportunities and promotional activity to name just a few.

Why do you need my email address?

The main communication channel to members is email, providing a fast route to get information direct to you quickly. This is why it is very important that we have your correct email address.

What happens if I change email address?

Lets us know a.s.a.p and we will update our records to ensure you receive all communications.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

Your relationship with your news and magazine wholesaler remains unchanged. Any day to day queries claims, credit queries, order amendments raise direct with them as now. If you have query around your range, unauthorised titles or looking to develop your business, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via email at or via telephone on 0800 1216376 whichever is most convenient.

Is there any other resource that I have access to?

 There is also a host of information available via the Newspro section of the NFRN website. These include: Availability check lists, Annual event Calendar, Guide to best practice in store to aid staff training. These are all available as downloads.



Is there any promotional activity within Newspro group?

There is a schedule of promotional activity throughout the year. You will be informed of these through normal communication channels ahead of promotion taking place.

Can I opt out of promotions?

In order to ensure a continued future supply of promotions it is important that all members support agreed promotions.

What is required from me?

All promotions are slightly different, but general principles that would be expected are:

  • Display prominently
  • Do not promoted product early
  • To ensure you gain maximum benefit, check availability throughout promotion period

What if I need extra copies?

Extra copies can be requested via your news wholesaler.

More Coming Soon!

More Coming Soon!