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The Fed Awards 2024 - How to enter

How to enter

This year we are accepting online entries. You will be able to save your entry as you work on it and return to it another day.

You can submit entries for multiple awards but you will have to submit a separate entry for each award.


Top tips

  • Give yourself enough time to prepare your entry. Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Read the question and criteria carefully, and make sure your answer covers all the key points.
  • Focus on the award category that suits you and your store best.
  • Involve your staff in the process. They can give suggestions, help gather customer testimonials and take photos for your entry.
  • Answer each question clearly. Try to provide examples and specific details. Explain what you did, how you did it, why you did it and the result you achieved.
  • Support your answer with proof. It can be relevant facts and figures, customer reviews or any press or social media coverage you may have received.
  • Include photographs of yourself and your store, and images that support your entry.
  • Save your work regularly. If you need to take a break or get interrupted, saving your entry make sure you don’t lose what you have written.
  • Check your entry before submitting it and have someone proofread it. They may spot any missing information and ensure it is easy to understand.

Submit an entry for the Fed Awards

Start on your entry today! 

Click the name of the award you would like to submit a nomination for. You will be able to save your work and complete your nomination another day. Entries close on April 21, 2024.

We suggest using a desktop computer or laptop for the best experience when filling out your entry.

Best Customer Service

Best Use of Social Media

Best Use of Technology

Collectables Retailer of the Year

Community Champion of the Year

Convenience Store of the Year – Independent

Convenience Store of the Year – Symbol

Employee of the Year

Home News Delivery Retailer of the Year

Newsagent of the Year

Parcels Retailer of the Year

Responsible Retailer of the Year

Rising Star

Vape and Reduced Risk Products Retailer of the Year

The Fed Awards 2024

The Fed Awards 2024

The Fed Awards acknowledge and honour outstanding achievements in independent retailing, highlighting members who demonstrate business excellence and contribute significantly to their communities, the industry and the Fed!

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The Fed Awards celebrate the best in the independent retail sector and we are hugely grateful to our sponsors for their support and help in inspiring a generation of independent retailers to dream bigger, achieve greater, and break through barriers!

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