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The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced changes to the furlough scheme to be introduced over the summer.

From the 1st July it will possible for furloughed staff to return to work part time, with employers able to reclaim the hours not worked.  There will be no minimum furlough period.

All claims for refunds for the period to 30th June must be made by 31st July.

From August employers will be expected to pay the cost of employers national insurance contributions and pension contributions.

In September this will continue with employers also being expected to pay 10% of the 80% salary costs.

Finally, in October the 10% will rise to 20% of the salary being paid by the employer.

More details will be published in mid-June.

The Chancellor also noted that 40% of claimants have not reclaimed NIC or pension contributions. The NFRN advises that you check that you are claiming the support you are entitled to.

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