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After months of planning and preparation, The Federation is thrilled to announce its eagerly anticipated podcast series, THEFed Talks. In our first-ever episode, we interviewed Jisp’s Managing Director, Ilann Hepworth, to find out what Jisp is, how the contact-free shopping solution app can help our members and Jisp’s partnership with the Federation.

THEFed Talks aims to lift the lid on retail’s biggest secrets – with no topics off the table – so that our members can better survive within today’s highly challenging market. All information concerning the independent retail industry, the Federation, its partners and its political engagement will be up for discussion to help members Make money, Save money and find Easier ways to do business.

In the next edition, we will be joined by Nisa’s Sales Director, Steve Leach, to discuss the benefits of joining the Nisa symbol group, its new Nisa Express store format and the support that the company offers to its retailers.

The Federation is excited to hear any constructive feedback regarding the podcast and we look forward to improving it, with your help, each time.

The first episode is available to stream via YouTube here, where all other The Fed Talks videos will be downloaded.


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