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Mail Newspapers is introducing a subscription scheme that gives enhanced payments to home news delivery operators and means an end to paper vouchers.

Home news delivery (HND) remains a vitally important consumer service. However, it’s time to look at it through fresh eyes, and leading the way is Mail Newspapers, which has just unveiled a new subscription scheme that will give stores providing an HND service ‘enhanced payments.’

For retailers and HND roundsmen who use the HND management software PaperRound there are two extra payments available.

Firstly, you simply need to opt in (via PaperRound) to receive an extra 0.7p ‘Level One’ payment for every copy of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday you deliver. Retailers and roundsmen signed up to the Mail’s HND subscriptions platform will also receive an additional 2p ‘Level Two’ payment on every copy delivered on orders placed through this subscriptions platform.

This subscriptions platform is regularly referenced in paper and was featured as part of the Daily Mail’s Roll Back campaign in the March 2023 edition of The Fed.

Fed head of news Brian Murphy advised that a news retailer using the PaperRound system and delivering around 25 copies of the newspaper a day, of which five were through the publisher’s subscriptions platform,- would gain in the region of £100 extra a year.

To help members looking to take advantage of this opportunity and switch to the PaperRound system, the Fed has negotiated some exclusive savings.

Introductory offer
1. Half price data transfer fee (normally £370 plus VAT).
2. Six months free subscription (any additional modules would be paid as normal – e.g., direct debits for customer payments, Stripe Payments via the customer portal)

More than 200 stores and HND agents have signed up to our HND subscription platform since it launched last August, covering 80 per cent of the UK.

To register your interest contact Mail Newspapers at to register your interest. For any other questions, please contact the Fed’s Contact Centre on 0207 017 8880.

Members can read more about this new service, including opinions from those who have already signed up, in the upcoming April edition of the Fed magazine.

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