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Reports in the media this week have suggested that the UK government is set to announce that it is considering options on vaping, including a ban on disposable devices.

We know this is an issue you are very concerned about. However, Fed can confirm to members that the UK is NOT, at present anyway, facing a definite ban on disposable vapes.

In Scotland, the Scottish government has announced that a ban on disposables is among options it is considering as part of measures to curb vaping.
The Welsh government does not have the power to legislate on vapes, but a government spokesperson has said it is calling for the UK government to ban them.

The Northern Ireland government does not have a position on vaping. The Fed will continue to monitor this.

For some time, the Fed has been protesting directly to ministers and in the media that a ban on disposables is not the way to stop children vaping.
Your involvement will be very valuable. We will send you a sample email or letter that you can send to your MPs and MSPs to make your feelings clear.

Please be assured that when each government announces the exact options it is considering, we will be protesting loud and clear. The governments cannot proceed with any action without formally consulting the public and organisations such as the Fed.

Below is an example of a recent statement from us in response to the Scottish government’s plans.

The Fed’s president in Scotland Hussan Lal said: “Banning disposable vapes will simply expand an already booming illicit market.

“Vapes help many give up smoking and are part of life now. I am confident the black market will become even more active. These illicit products are already on sale at car boot sales, mobile phone shops, cafes and tanning salons as well as via the internet and by dealers delivering direct to homes.

“Rather than looking to ban single use vapes, the government should be looking at responsible ways of recycling them and more educational campaigns.”

Anti-smoking campaign group Action of Smoking and Health (ASH) has also warned that a ban would increase the trade in illegal vapes as well as making it harder for some adults to give up smoking.

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