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How to download WeTransfer documents from Drip emails

Our previous email server, FiveCRM, allowed the Membership Services team to upload PDF files for meeting minutes, agender, etc. into the server directly and then insert links to the files within the body of the emails.

As our new email server, Drip, does not providing a file hosting facility, the Federation plans to use a paid for instance of WeTransfer to share files.  We will use the WeTransfer platform to host the PDFs, and then insert the links within emails.

As the PDF files will be hosted on WeTransfer, when you click on a link to a PDF file from within an email, you will be taken to the Wetransfer platform.


Please see the below instructions on how to download documents via WeTransfer:


  1. Click the WeTransfer link and either select ‘I accept’ to accept the cookies notice or manage cookies to your preference by selecting ‘Manage cookies’.



  1. Press ‘I agree’ to agree to the WeTransfer Terms of Service.


  1. Select ‘download’ to download the WeTransfer document to your desktop.



  1. Enter the required password and then select ‘Continue’.


  1. Select the downloaded document at the top of desktop navigation bar and press ‘open file’.