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Irish DRS
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Irish DRS

The Irish government has announced the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme.

Only limited information is currently available.  This page will be updated over coming months as more details of the scheme are agreed.


What we know:


How much is the deposit?

This has not been confirmed but the regulations will require the deposit to be itemised in till receipts.


What drinks containers are included in the scheme?

  • PET plastic containers of up to 3l and steel and aluminium cans up to 3l.
  • Milk or milk based drinks containers are excluded from the scheme.


Do I have to charge the deposit?

Once the scheme starts, yes.


As a retailer will I have to register with the scheme?

Yes and display the certificate of registration in your store.


Who will run the scheme?

An approved body will be set up by industry and approved by Ministers.


When will the scheme start?

This has not been announced.

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