Make Reposs Your Preferred EPoS Solution!

Reposs has been providing EPoS solutions since 2006. They are a leading provider of specialist EPoS solutions for many retail sectors which includes; newsagents and convenience, sports clubs, cafes and general retail.

The Reposs team has years of experience, expertise and knowledge in EPoS solutions, so you can be confident that they have a solution tailored to your needs.

If you are looking for an EPOS provider that understands your business and can help you grow, then like over 2000 users, make Reposs EPoS your preferred solution.


Our Partnership

The NFRN has recently partnered with Reposs to offer our members an exclusive price on their EPoS solutions, allowing members to save money and benefit from built-in features that will enhance their business processes.

For the exclusive price from £1295 + VAT, NFRN members can expect to receive the following:

  • Reposs EPoS system 15-inch touchscreen and customer-facing screen with integrated receipt printer.
  • Metal cash drawer
  • Keyboard and USB pen
  • FREE 2D QR code multi-directional scanner *
  • FREE stationery pack which includes 3000 shelf edge labels, 1500 offer labels, and 20 till rolls *
  • One day online installation and training


*This exclusive deal for NFRN members amounts to a discount of over £300, saving your business valuable money that can be reinvested elsewhere.


The Reposs EPoS Solution

Through the NFRN’s partnership with Reposs, you’ll not only benefit from an exclusive price, but  from the cutting-edge EPoS solution provided to you. Reposs EPoS systems have a number of built-in features as standard, designed to enhance business processes, saving your store time and money.

Easy to use – Reposs understands that not every staff member in your shop is a computer expert so they’ve worked hard to make sure their EPoS system is easy to comprehend and intuitive to use, making it a breeze for all employees.

Fully flexible – Add, remove and edit the products in your store and prevent staff members from having to guess pricing. And if a product doesn’t have a barcode you can create your own for that specific product.

Take control of stock – What’s selling well? And what’s not selling? Reposs’ cutting-edge system gives you all this information. With their Price Index and Cloud Product Builder, the system allows you to add standard products and monitor selling prices across the United Kingdom.

New revenue streams – Their systems come with a second customer-facing screen which can be used to display promotions and offers or sell advertising space to local tradesmen or other local businesses.

Useful reporting – To run your business you need to know critical information about revenue, costs and transactions. The Reposs EPoS system automates all of these key reports and you can access them wherever you are.

Interested? Get in touch

To enquire about the offer, please email or call 01732 762200 and quote your NFRN membership number.


**Must take out a maintenance contract. HND module not included. Electronic wholesaler links available.