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The price of the Saturday edition of the Daily Telegraph is rising by 20p from February 6, but the publisher will be keeping back the improved retail margin for six months.

Copies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will increase to £3 from this weekend.  In the Channel Islands the paper will rise to £3.30p and in the ROI it will cost €3.30.

When the increased margin is applied from Saturday August 7, UK retailers will receive 61.5p for every copy sold.

NFRN National President Stuart Reddish said: “Some Telegraph stockists may well be disappointed that we will not receive the improved terms right from the start of the price increase, but members should be mindful that we will enjoy a substantial 7 per cent pay rise in the summer.

“The Federation was also given advance warning of its move regarding margin payments. With sales heavily weighted towards retail subscriptions, it has a completely different business model to other publishers – several of whom have previously  cut our terms without any prior notice.”

Mr Reddish added that the Federation and Telegraph would continue to work together to encourage members to grow their newspaper subscription sales. Over the past year, the Telegraph has paid out £11,290 to members who have converted casual purchasers into taking out long-term and guaranteed subscriptions.

According to the Telegraph, the deferred margin is down to the annual payment cycle of subscriptions which means that any price rises do not immediately transfer to the subscribers.

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