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Earn £75 when you recommend us to a fellow retailer

Earn £75 when you recommend us to a fellow retailer

Earn £75 when you recruit a fellow member

Earn £75 for each retailer you recruit


Uncapped earning potential


Spread the word of the NFRN

Your questions answered

All you need to know about the Member2Member scheme.

What is Member 2 Member

The Member2Member referral scheme is one of the key benefits to Fed membership. Through this offer, members can earn £75 by recruiting other retailers to the join the Fed.

Increasing the size of membership means that our voice will be louder on an industry and parliamentary level. It will give us more power to help our members survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

The scheme is uncapped which means you will earn £75 every time you refer a retailer to join the Fed.

Referring your fellow retailers

Omparkash Sharma has been a member of the NFRN for almost 40 years with his shop, Howard News Centre, in Mansfield, Nottingham.  He told us: “I know someone who has just recently opened a very good shop. He asked me some questions about retailing and I told him that joining the NFRN was the best thing to do. After I told him about it, he agreed to join and said he’d leave it to me.

“He gave me his details and I rang the NFRN. I asked the lady on the phone about signing someone else up. I gave her all of the information and that was it. Now you’re sorting him out.

“I’m hoping I will be able to sign some more people up in the near future. I think the Member2Member scheme will definitely encourage me to get some more people to join. “

How to recruit
  • Download the application form and direct debit form.
  • Add the new member’s details
  • Send it to our administration office in Durham.
  • Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 121 6376 (option four) or email and we’ll post an application form to you.
Can any member participate?
Yes. Any full paid-up or life member can take part. We’d encourage all members to introduce at least one potential new member.
Do you have any recruitment tips?

Keep it relevant and keep it simple. The NFRN has so much to offer, so it could be confusing to attempt to tell a potential recruit everything. Choose three or four benefits that are relevant to the potential new member and make them part of your conversation.

NFRN Legal and NFRN Legal Plus are two of the main member benefits. They’re invaluable for any retailer as they include cover for tax investigations and employment legal support.

Our Retail Standards programme gives members access to a portfolio of documents and training modules on a wealth of subjects, including customer service, health and safety, selling alcohol, and on sales and shrinkage.

NFRN Connect is the support arm of the NFRN. Its friendly, professionally-trained support team offer help and advice to ensure members can run their businesses as successfully as possible. NFRN Connect also helps members resolve issues they may have with their news wholesaler. It’s also successful in recouping money owed to members. Did you know, for instance, that in the past year it has recovered nearly £250,000?

Are there any conditions of recruitment?

To qualify for the payment the new member must:

  • Be a full member, affiliate member or life member.
  • Have paid three months of full fees.
  • Not previously have been a member of the NFRN in the last 12 months.
Receiving the Member2Member payment

When you complete the application form, make sure the right-hand corner details your name, shop name and postcode. We use this to identify you for payment. You will receive your payment once the new member has paid three months of membership fees.

Are there any promotional materials for members to use?
We have a new Member2Member pack which includes the application form, self-addressed envelope and a benefits leaflet to assist with recruiting.
Terms & Conditions
The recruiting member must be a fully paid-up member.

Payment of a recruitment fee to a recruiting member is subject to the new member having successfully paid three months’ fees, and a completed, signed application form being received at the NFRN Admin office in Durham.

No fee will be paid to a recruiting member if the new member had previously been a member of NFRN at the same business address in the last 12 months.

A recruitment fee is only payable to a recruiting member for the recruitment of full or affiliated members. No payment will be paid for associate members (legal), retail members and life members.

Recruiting members are not employees of the NFRN and as such are not authorised to take payments on behalf of the NFRN. The new member should make any fee payments directly to the NFRN either by completing the payment application form or contacting NFRN on 0800 121 6376 and selecting option four.

Due to GDPR,arecruiting member must not hold any personal data on any new member. This data must be posted directly to NFRN Admin Office in Durham.

Cancellation of membership is subject to the NFRN Rule 5: (f) Members may withdraw from membership on three months’ notice in writing to the Head Office.

Not Already a Member?

If you are interested in joining the NFRN and would like to be contacted by the organisation, please complete the form below.

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