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The NFRN has joined forces with Paragon-Print to source protective screens and ensure that members are able to keep safe behind their counters throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

As store owners and employees continue to risk their lives to ensure that customers are able to get their essentials, the screens help to better protect everyone by providing a barrier to protect the risk of contamination from coughing and sneezing.

Priced at £24.95 plus VAT , with a £10 charge for next working day delivery, the entire protective screen is 60 cm x 80 cm and ideal for counter tops.

The clear perplex plastic screen is 40 cm x 40 cm and the hatch for handling currency is 30 cm x 15 cm.

All protective screens are 100% recyclable.

NFRN National President, Stuart Reddish, said: “The NFRN has listened to members calling out for protective measures to maximise their safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The screens are a great way to protect independent store owners, employees and customers from infection off coughing and sneezing.

“Store workers continue to risk their lives for the public, so it is great to see another way of preventing the spread of Covid-19.”

Backing the scheme is NFRN member Anita Nye who tweeted: “If you are looking for a cheaper solution that can be folded up and used again (hopefully not) and no need for the cost of installing.”

To purchase a protective screen contact Paragon-Print directly on 01793 420676 or 07809 450100.

Or contact

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