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Our poster and national newspaper advertising campaign encouraging people to Shop Local, Shop Little is being expanded with the launch of a series of social media advertisements.

These specially themed ads have been produced to remind shoppers that their local stores can provide all the products needed for their Sunday morning fry up, movie day or date night.  Another ad encourages customers to shop sensibly.

Straplines include  ‘Every Morning Is A Sunday Morning’, ‘Every Day Is A Home Movie Day’ and ‘Let’s Make Sure Everyone Has Enough. Don’t Bulk Buy’.

These ads will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In and have been created to promote positivity and consideration among shoppers amid self-isolation and panic buying, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They follow on from our original Shop Local, Shop Little poster campaign which saw posters encouraging people to use their local stores and to  sensibly during the coronavirus outbreak sent out to 15,000 stores.

National newspapers have thrown their backing behind the NFRN’s campaign, with full page, half page and quarter page advertisements appearing in the Sunday Mirror, People, Daily Express, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, Sunday Star, Mail, Telegraph, i and Sunday Times.

NFRN’s National President, Stuart Reddish, said: “The NFRN is very proud to be expanding the Shop Local, Shop Little campaign.

“During these highly challenging times, it is very important that people remain mindful of others and try to maintain a positive outlook.

“The new social media ads will be released in stages and we hope that all members will help tweet them and promote them on their Facebook pages.

“The NFRN is very grateful for the continued support from national publishers, throughout the Shop Local, Shop Little campaign.

“We will continue to support all of our members throughout the coronavirus outbreak.”

Date Night

Sunday Mornings

Movie Night

Think Of Others

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