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NFRN’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Deacon, appeared on the Wear Business podcast earlier this week discussing how adaptability, innovation and communication are needed for the Covid-19 fightback.

He appeared alongside Sarah Thompson from Octopus Revenue and Louise Stephenson from Precision Printing, and was hosted by Wear Business Co-Editor Colin Young.

NFRN’s Greg Deacon said:

“This has been quite a dramatic period for us as an organisation”

“[the NFRN] ensure we serve the members and protect them”

He continues to then discuss the Hardship Fund stating:

“We recognise a lot of our members will be in real hardship”

“We have over £220,000 in that fund, we’ve paid out over £74,000 to about 69 retailers across the country who have needed it in terms of that lifeline”

Mentioning the Shop Local, Shop Little campaign, Mr Deacon continued:

“We recognised the narratives were all about supermarkets and we wanted to make sure all the small shops were given their voice”

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