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Narinder Randhawa – National President

Having held every position at branch and district level, and quite a few at national level, Narinder was elected as National President in October 2021. He will lead the Federation until June 21 2022.  A retailer for more than 35 years, Narinder owns Great Haywood Spar in Staffordshire.  Outside the Federation, Narinder is very active in his local community.  He is a founder member of Mahal Warriors FC and is still heavily involved in the running of the club.  He is also a child welfare officer, CRB officer and has an FA Level 1 football coaching qualification.

Jason Birks – Vice President

I have been in my current business as a convenience store for 26 years currently trading under the Booker Premier Facia. We have made a constant evolution moving forwards by adapting to changes in consumer trends and specialising in vape products for the last four years. I enjoy helping members solve issues and striving to making the Federation better for all members moving forward.

Shahid Razzaq – National Deputy Vice President

My name is Mo Razzaq, I have been in business for over 32 years, I originally ran a small store in the town of Blantyre, we built the business up.  Later in 2013, we opened our current store, Family Shopper which has a post office, Subway and Dessert Bar which we called Roxy’s Desserts.  I have been in the NEC (National Executive Committee) from July 2019 and a member of NFRN for a number of years.

Stuart Reddish – Immediate Past President

Stuart was a paperboy and worked in a multiple store while at school before opening his first newsagents in 1982 in Chesterfield. He sold that shop and now owns a mains post office in Sheffield and has one of the biggest news delivery rounds in the area. Stuart joined the NFRN in 1982 when he first became a newsagent. He served as NFRN National President between 2019 and October 2021.

Andrew Taylor – National Executive Committee

My name is Andrew Taylor and I have worked in the retail news industry since 1979. Our shop is in East Hull, not far from the North Sea Ferries terminal. During the 1980s we were very much a CTN with delivery rounds but in 1995 we started selling grocery and alcohol. Our store is located on a main road with a lot of houses nearby. Now we are fully convenience and after starting with the Premier logo we are now Todays branded and supplied by Unitas wholesaler Dee Bee. I have been involved with the Federation since 1985 at local and district level and in 2012 started attending National Council meetings. I was elected onto NEC in 2019.

Bhavesh Patel – National Executive Committee

I became an independent retailer 14 years ago after a career in IT. My shop is called Watties Newsagents in Horley, Surrey and we have a large magazine offering and a substantial home new delivery service but over the years we have changed it from a traditional CTN to offer convenience, an off licence and parcel service. We are a real community shop and support local schools and charities. I joined the Federation when I bought the shop. As well as serving as an official at branch and district level, four years ago I became a national councillor for the South East district and I was elected to the NEC two years ago.

Shumaila Malik – National Executive Committee

We bought our shop in Withington, Manchester in August 1998.  It is based in a residential area and has been there since the 1920s, I believe. The shop has had two large refits over the years and currently trades under the Costcutter umbrella.

Since 2000, I have been Manchester branch president. From then, I got involved at district level and was North West president for two years, from 2008 until 2010. I served on national council for five years, from 2006 until 2011 and between 2010 and 2011 sat on the national executive committee.

Abdul Qadar – National Executive Committee

I studied chemistry and physics at Manchester Polytechnic and then computer science at Edinburgh college in my later years. I have been in retailing almost all my life, owning shops in Huddersfield, Rochdale and in Edinburgh. Previously, I have built a big HND delivery service, introduced video hire service  and shop had scanning before Tesco in 1990. I was one of the first retailers to offer high speed internet cafe service.

An NFRN member since 1988, I have been branch secretary, president, Scottish president and  a national councillor. I have sat on many committees, including chair of membership.

Hetal Patel – National Executive Committee

My retail journey began in 1998 in South Wales, with a newsagents. I joined the NFRN that same year. After five years, I took a break from retailing. In 2004, I took over my shop in Maidenhead and rejoined the NFRN, being active within the Windsor and Maidenhead Branch (now Bucks and Berks). Three times I have been its president and also its trustee.

Since 2015, I have served as a London district councillor. I sit on the London district executive and in 2018 was elected district president. I am a national councillor and sit on the national finance committee.

Sunder Sandher – National Executive Committee

Born and bred in Leamington Spa, Warwicks, I entered retailing on leaving school. I have run the same store for 34 years, obtaining D32/33 and Investors In People. My store featured as part of a study tour by AACS (the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores) to discover the best in UK convenience retailing.

I am a governor for two local schools, a magistrate and am an international member of NACS.  I have won many national awards, sit on many industry panels and with my family appeared on the BBC’s Turn Back Time: The High Street series.