Muntazir Dipoti – National Vice President 2019 – 2021

As the current National Vice President. I sit on numerous national committees. I’ve been involved in the independent retail sector’ for over 18 years and have a total of six shops in the family. My store in Todmorden has a huge door to door service which, during lockdown, proved essential to the local community supplying basic supplies.

I also support local schools with funding for football kits and play a pivotal role supporting our local hospice.

Jason Birks – National Deputy Vice President 2019 – 2021

I have been in my current business as a convenience store for 26 years currently trading under the Booker Premier Facia. We have made a constant evolution moving forwards by adapting to changes in consumer trends and specialising in vape products for the last four years. I enjoy helping members solve issues and striving to making the Federation better for all members moving forward.


Mike Mitchelson – National Immediate Past President 2019 – 2021

I have been a newsagent and an NFRN member for 45 years. My wife Anne and I took over our first shop in the Cumbrian market town Brampton and in 1998 we took over Brampton Post Office. Our two businesses ran independently until earlier this year when they were combined.

Operating in the town centre, we run a Mains Post Office  and offer a large news and magazines section, greetings cards and stationery plus confectionery, snacks, drinks, tobacco and the lottery. We also offer news home delivery.

Besides being active at Branch, District and  National level , I have twice been National President – in 1994/5 and in 2018/19, the NFRN’s centenary year.

Andrew Taylor – National Executive Committee 2019 – 2021

My name is Andrew Taylor and I have worked in the retail news industry since 1979. Our shop is in East Hull not far from the North Sea Ferries terminal. During the 1980s we were very much a CTN with delivery rounds but in 1995 we started selling grocery and alcohol. Our store is located on a main road with a lot of houses nearby. Now we are fully convenience and after starting with the Premier logo we are now Todays branded and supplied by Unitas wholesaler Dee Bee. I have been involved with the Federation since 1985 at local and district level and in 2012 started attending National Council meetings. I was elected onto NEC in 2019.

Bhavesh Patel – National Executive Committee 2019 – 2021

I became an independent retailer 14 years ago after a career in IT. My shop is called Watties Newsagents in Horley, Surrey and we have a large magazine offering and a substantial home new delivery service but over the years we have changed it from a traditional CTN to offer convenience, an off licence and parcel service. We are a real community shop and support local schools and charities. I joined the Federation when I bought the shop. As well as serving as an official at branch and district level, four years ago I became a national councillor for the South East district and I was elected to the NEC two years ago.


Peter Wagg – National Executive Committee 2019 – 2021

I opened my first newsagents shop in 1977 and immediately joined the NFRN.

In 1991 I became the first retailer to open at Canary Wharf, London and currently own five NEWS on the WHARF stores. Having held NFRN positions at every level, including National President in 2004/5, I currently serve on the National Executive Committee with responsibility for Benefits, Charities, Field Operations and News.


Shahid Razzaq – National Executive Committee 2019 – 2021

My name is Mo Razzaq, I have been in business for over 32 years, I originally ran a small store in the town of Blantyre, we built the business up.

Later in 2013, we opened our current store, Family Shopper which has a post office, Subway and Dessert Bar which we called Roxy’s Desserts.

I have been in the NEC (National Executive Committee) from July 2019 and member of NFRN number of years.


Suleman Khonat – National Executive Committee 2019 – 2021

My name is Suleman Khonat and I have been running newsagent businesses since 1988. My current business is in Blackpool.

All my businesses have been independent and traditional newsagents, selling newspapers, magazines, tobacco, confectionery, lottery, top ups, cards and stationery. I expanded to the Fylde Coast in 2012.

I served as a National President in 2010/11 and have also been president of the North West District on three ocassions.  I am currently a member of the NEC and also a National Councillor for the North West District.