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There is an additional Telegraph magazine titled ‘Watch Your Time’ for retail insertion into The Daily Telegraph issue dated Thursday, September 23, 2021.

This additional magazine will be delivered with your Telegraph live news supplies on Thursday, September 23, 2021.

If you do not receive the ‘Watch Your Time’ magazine with Thursday’s live news supplies, please contact your Telegraph wholesaler to request that this be rectified as soon as possible.

Retailers supplied by the wholesalers listed below will receive this additional magazine with their live news on Thursday

Normal retail handling allowance will be paid for inserting this magazine.

MD Ashford

MD Berwick

MD Bow

MD Carlisle

MD Eastbourne

MD Grays

MD Hull

MD Ipswich

MD Maidstone

MD Norwich

MD Portsmouth

MD Ryde

MD SE London

MD Sheffield

MD Stockton

MD Wakefield

MD Weybridge

MD York

News UK Night Sales

SN Barnstaple

SN Birmingham

SN Bodmin

SN Bristol

SN City News

SN Crawley

SN Croydon

SN Exeter

SN Hammersmith

SN Hemel Hempstead

SN Hornsey

SN Lancing

SN Leicester

SN Lincoln

SN London Travel News

SN Milton Keynes

SN Newcastle

SN Newmarket

SN Nottingham

SN Oxford

SN Peterborough

SN Plymouth

SN Reading

SN Redruth

SN Slough

SN Southampton

SN Stevenage

SN Swindon

SN Taunton

SN Yeovil

SN Gloucester

If you have any questions please contact

To read the letter regarding the additional magazine and retail insertion, click here.

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