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Additional Section for Retail Insertion
Issue Dated Sunday, June 27, 2021

Dear Retail Colleague,



There is an additional Telegraph section titled ‘Business & Money’ for retail insertion into The Sunday Telegraph issue dated Sunday, June 27, 2021.

This additional section will be delivered to you either on wholesale ‘pre runs’ or with your

Sunday Telegraph live news supplies on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

If you do not receive the ‘Business & Money’ section prior to or with Sunday’s live news, please

contact your Telegraph wholesaler to request that this be rectified as soon as possible.

The normal retail handling allowance will be paid for inserting the sections into The Sunday



If you have any questions please contact

Thank you for your continued support,

The Telegraph.


Additional section ‘BUSINESS’ for Retail insertion Retail Trade letter ID Sunday 27 June 2021

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