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National lottery operator Camelot is predicting bumper sales this week for National Lottery retailers, thanks to huge back-to-back EuroMillions and Lotto jackpots offering up to a 96 per cent and 23 per cent sales uplift respectively.

Kicking off the two-day mega sales opportunity will be the special EuroMillions Super Jackpot draw tomorrow (Friday February 4) which has an enormous £107 million estimated jackpot up for grabs. Last September’s EuroMillions Super Jackpot draw saw National Lottery retailers benefit from a 96 per cent uplift in sales – and they can expect more of the same ahead of Friday’s draw.

The following night (Saturday February 5) Lotto has rolled to an incredible £11.8 million ‘Must Be Won’ draw, promising increased sales following the 23 per cent sales uplift that National Lottery retailers benefited from in January’s ‘Must Be Won’ Lotto draw.

Camelot’s Retail Director, Jenny Blogg, said: “It’s not that often we have two huge draws 24 hours apart, so Friday and Saturday are going to be extra special for both National Lottery players and retailers. Get talking to your customers about the draws to help generate interest and excitement, and make sure your POS material is already sited to really help maximise the sales opportunities that these incredible draws bring.

“By selling tickets for these massive draws, National Lottery retailers are not only providing a chance for their customers to win big, they’re also helping to raise over £30 million a week for National Lottery Good Causes.”

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