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Menzies Distribution have given an important business update in relation to Unsold Parcel Requirements, read more below.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind all customers of the importance of correctly identifying and securing unsold products to be returned to Menzies Distribution In order to receive credits in a timely manner, customers must ensure that publications for Menzies are parcelled and clearly labelled with the correct documentation.

The steps below will help us ensure you receive timely credit for your unsold product:

Newspapers must not be returned in tote boxes, but securely tied and labelled.

  • Ensure you have prepared your returns for collection for pick up the next day, everyday Monday Sunday Any unsold product not made available to us at the point of recall may result in loss of credit.
  • Parcels must be securely tied with material that allows for manual handling (Note Loosely tied parcels can come apart in transit and may result in a delay or loss of credit)
  • Each parcel must have one of our labels securely attached to the top It is recommended that the larger tote contents notes are used as they are less likely to fall off during handling The newspaper contents notes are also suitable.
  • The use of handwritten or homemade labels is discouraged as they are not recognized by our crediting system and can lead to missing credits.
  • When returning Tote Boxes, please leave the ticket in the window as supplied If this is missing please use a customer identification label and place on the top copy, inside the tote box.
  • Customer Labels can be photocopied and used if required but please ensure barcodes remain scan able to allow us to identify your parcel with our system.

The Customer Service Centre is available to answer any questions or queries regarding this and can also place orders string to assist in adhering to our required process.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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