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Members and their staff who have been the victims of violence and abuse at work have until Friday January 22 to respond to a survey as part of a government inquiry into the subject.

The Federation welcomed the news that the House of Commons’ Home Affairs Committee had launched an inquiry into abuse and violence towards retail workers in December.

National President Stuart Reddish is urging all retailers and shop workers who have been affected by such crimes to take part in the public survey, in a bid to show the full scale of this growing problem.

Mr Reddish said: “Violence is an unacceptable part of daily life for too many independent retailers. I get calls from hundreds of our members who are crime victims.

“The impact of retail crime can be devastating and long-lasting – not just in terms of physical injuries but on anxiety and stress, too. The NFRN welcomes this inquiry and we hope as many retailers and their staff as possible will take just a few minutes to complete the public survey.”

The committee said the inquiry will “focus specifically on the police response to reported incidents, and the calls for a new aggravated offence.”

The public survey is anonymous and will allow the committee to get a true picture of what happens after an incident is reported.

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