Current world events are potentially re-shaping travel plans and working arrangements for many customers, with some elderly customers either being unable to or reluctant to go out each day.

To assist in keeping your customers fully informed of these unprecedented events, Deliver My Newspaper publishers are running in paper advertisements offering customers FREE home delivery for six weeks (this excludes the cost of the newspaper) – via the website.

Signing up to Deliver My Newspaper enables you to showcase your business on the website and offers 6 WEEKS FREE HOME DELIVERY for your customers, should they wish to get their favourite paper delivered now, or in the future. If you have not yet signed up please contact

If your business is already featured on the Deliver My Newspaper website, there are HND pos support packs available to help you raise awareness of the home delivery service available at your store. The pack contains point of sale including leaflets, posters, shelf-talkers and business cards detailing the offer.

If you would like a HND support pack, then please contact

The packs will be posted direct to your store.

NB: The 6 weeks free home delivery vouchers are sent to the customer for them to pass onto their selected retailer, retailers submit the vouchers to their wholesaler for credit in the usual way.

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