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The Fed has welcomed the news that postmasters in Ireland will receive €30m of government funding over the next three years.

In an announcement made today (June 1), Eamon Ryan, minister for the environment, climate, and communications, and the minister of state with responsibility for postal matters, Hildegarde Naughton, said the money will be used to support the renewal and development of the Post Office network.

The Fed’s Irish president Martin Mulligan, who is also a postmaster based in Athlone, said: This is fantastic news. I thank the executive for the effort they have put into getting the government to provide this much-needed support. They have worked so hard over the last few years and it has been a hard battle.”

The state postal service owns the country’s 45 largest post offices but the vast majority are run by small business owners like Mr. Mulligan.

A major emphasis has been placed on keeping rural post offices open, and approximately €1,000 a month will be earmarked to 900 post offices across the country.

Seán Martin, president of the Irish Postmasters Union, said: “The Post Office Network is the lifeblood of our towns and villages and a much-trusted focal point of our communities.

“Our role in supporting communities was never more evident than during the recent pandemic when we were one of the few government services to remain open throughout.

“I want to thank the Government for making this funding available in order to protect and strengthen this vital infrastructure for the public’s benefit.”

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