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The Fed can announce that the new committee which has replaced its National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Council has been named the Executive Council.

The 25-strong group met for the first time on Zoom on Tuesday (June 27) to agree on its name and the way it will operate.

Chaired by National President Muntazir Dipoti, the Executive Council will meet five times a year, with the first face-to-face meeting taking place in August.  There will be one further meeting this year – in November – followed by meetings in January, March and May next year.  These meetings will be held around the country.

Ten sub-committees – including the newly-formed Recruitment and Retention Committee – will drive Fed activity between the Executive Council’s five meetings.  These committees will report into the Executive Council. The other committees will focus on news and the Contact Centre, business development, member benefits, communications, marketing, membership services, field operations, IT, benefits and political engagement.  They will meet as and when the business requires.

The appointment of each committee membership will be decided by the end of this week.

This shake-up of the Fed’s structure followed the Fed’s Annual Conference, which took place at Harrogate Convention Centre last month.  The conference theme was Changing the Future, Together.

Delegates agreed to abolish the National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Council, with a new committee created to replace them.  The decision followed much passionate debate on how the organisation should restructure to ensure it remains relevant and can fully represent independent retailers in the most effective way during changing and challenging times.

Commenting after this week’s meeting to agree on the way forward, National President Muntazir Dipoti said: “There was much constructive debate and I believe that we have now created a more effective process for the Fed which can be introduced swiftly and without impacting in any way on the service that we provide to our members.”

The Executive Council assumes all the powers of the NEC and National Council.  However, the Fed’s three National Trustees will remain answerable to Annual Conference.

Addressing delegates in his inaugural speech at the 2023 Annual Conference, Mr Dipoti described the shake-up as “a new dawn for the Fed.”

He added that it showed the Fed was “open to new ideas and change” and could move ahead “with new vigour and determination, so we can continue to meet and deal with the new challenges and circumstances that now prevail.”


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