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News retailers have welcomed the announcement that pro rata percentage profit margins will be included as part of price increases to all editions of the i newspaper.

From Monday, March 21, i weekday editions will increase from 65p to 70p and from Saturday 26 March, the price of iweekend will go up from £1.20 to £1.30.

Retail terms will remain unchanged at 22 per cent and 21.5 per cent, respectively.

National President Narinder Randhawa said: “This is more welcome news, following last week’s confirmation from DMG Media and Reach that retailers’ terms are being maintained for their titles.

“It’s pleasing to see that the majority of publishers recognise the vital role that retailers play in the news chain and that their profits should be maintained accordingly.”

In a letter to retailers, the i publisher said: “Both i and iweekend have seen solid growth in market share over the last five years and we are grateful for the role you have played in helping us achieve this. Thank you for your contribution towards i’s continued success.”

All subscription vouchers will be credited at the new values, so please ensure your systems are updated so that subscribers receive the full price when redeeming their vouchers.

You may already have the new iweekend cover price barcode in your system at a previous value; if so, this will need amending.

New i and iweekend barcodes

Day Barcode
i Monday 9772045492416
i Tuesday 9772045492423
i Wednesday 9772045492430
i Thursday 9772045492447
i Friday 9772045492454
iweekend 9772045492263

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