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NFRN National President Stuart Reddish is urging members to add their voices to concerns about retail crime and take part in a survey that calls on the government to provide funding, so independent stores can better invest in security measures.

Retail Express is running the survey to raise awareness of the true cost and frequency of retail crime across the UK.

Mr Reddish said: “No retailer should feel scared to provide for their family, yet assaults on shop staff are at their highest level in decades and the impact can be both devastating and long-lasting.

“I would urge all retailers to take part in the Retail Express survey so councils and the government can be lobbied to assist in providing grant funding to store owners to improve their security and better protect themselves, their employees and their staff. Such measures will not protect against theft but could help save lives.”

Megan Humphrey, Retail Express editor, added: “I’m encouraging all retailers to take a couple of minutes out of their day to have their voice heard, and play their part in helping us tackle retail crime by filling out our survey. We need your help to make change happen.”

The survey was launched with the help of NFRN members, in particular Hussan Lal, Scottish district president.

The closing date for the survey is February 28 and it is available at:

A £50 cash prize will be awarded to one of the participants in a draw once the survey closes.

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