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The NFRN has welcomed the decision by Scottish news publishers Aberdeen Journals and D C Thomson to include pro rata terms for newsagents as part of price increases for four of their titles.

From January 3, the Monday to Friday cover price of the Press and Journal will move to £1.50, while the Saturday edition will  go up to £1.70. The cover price of the Evening Express will also increase to £1.

At the same time, The Courier will increase in price from £1.30 to £1.40 for Monday to Friday editions, and from £1.60 to £1.70 on Saturdays, while the Evening Telegraph will go up from 80p to 90p.

All of these price increases will include pro rata profit margins for retailers.

See below for barcode changes:


Press and Journal


Highlands & Moray                      Aberdeen & North East Edition

Monday              9772051111219                          9772051105218

Tuesday              9772051111226                          9772051105225

Wednesday       9772051111233                          9772051105232

Thursday            9772051111240                          9772051105249

Friday                 9772051111257                          9772051105256

Saturday           9772051111264                          9772051105263



Evening Express


Monday              9772051119116

Tuesday              9772051119123

Wednesday       9772051119130

Thursday            9772051119147

Friday                  9772051119154

Saturday             9772051119161


The Courier

Angus & Dundee Monday 9771462341918
Angus & Dundee Tuesday 9771462341925
Angus & Dundee Wednesday 9771462341932
Angus & Dundee Thursday 9771462341949
Angus & Dundee Friday 9771462341956
Angus & Dundee Saturday 9771462341963
Fife Monday 9770307586910
Fife Tuesday 9770307586927
Fife Wednesday 9770307586934
Fife Thursday 9770307586941
Fife Friday 9770307586958
Fife Saturday 9770307586965
Perth Monday 9771462340911
Perth Tuesday 9771462340928
Perth Wednesday 9771462340935
Perth Thursday 9771462340942
Perth Friday 9771462340959
Perth Saturday 9771462340966


Evening Telegraph

Monday 9770262304819
Tuesday 9770262304826
Wednesday 9770262304833
Thursday 9770262304840
Friday 9770262304857
Saturday 9770262304864

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