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With the dreaded Covid 19 virus changing everyday life as we know it,  members have been asking us how the recent government announcement affects the employment of new deliveries, if special conditions apply to the employment of children and what all deliverers should do if they are challenged by an official and told to stop working.

To further support members and to answer these questions, the NFRN has been working directly with the News Media Association ( NMA), the trade association that represents both national and regional newspapers.  Together, we have created a letter for delivererers to carry with them at all times which should be shown to the relevant authorities if you are asked whether your journey is essential.

This letter should be downloaded and the necessary details filled out.

In his announcement of social distancing from March 23, Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised that newsagents, post offices and forecourt shops were among the small number of retail outlets that could stay open.  He also instructed people to use delivery services wherever necessary to negate the need for them to leave home.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson has also spoken in favour of HND, adding:

“It is really important that people are able to access local news to gain an understanding of what is going on in their area. Local newspapers are absolutely vital when it comes to reporting on some of the key messages that we all need to take on board so we can tackle this virus. I hope some clarity and guidance can be issued to make sure it is understood that newspaper deliveries can – and should – still take place. In order to stop the spread of this virus, what we all want to see is less people leaving the house and having to go to the shops.

“Home deliveries are an important part of this battle to keep people self-isolating.”

Download Letter Here

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