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Republic of Ireland members received a festive boost with the announcement that pro rata terms will be included in the cover price increases of several newspaper titles.

On Sunday, December 26, the recommended retail price of The Irish Mail on Sunday will increase by 20c to € 3.40. The RRP of Monday to Friday editions of The Irish Daily Mail will also go up from €1.90 to €2.00, with effect from December 27, while the Saturday edition will go up from €2.20 to €2.40, as of January 1.

JPI Media has also announced that Euro editions of the Derry Journal and the Londonderry and Roe Valley Sentinel will also increase from € 1.95 to € 2.05, as of January 4 and January 6, respectively.

From January 8, the price of the Saturday edition of The Newsletter will go up from € 1.90 to € 2.20, while Monday to Friday editions will increase by 10 cents from Monday, January 10.

Again, all current terms will be maintained.

NFRN Republic of Ireland president Martin Mulligan said: “This is great news and a timely New Year boost for our Irish members.

“When publishers put the prices of their titles up, there is always a danger that retailers will suffer because of reduced profits, which has recently been the case in the UK. But it is pleasing to see that our calls for fairness have been heeded by the Irish Mail and JPI.

“I only hope that other news publishers follow their lead and protect the profits of retailers who have kept the industry going during the last two years, in particular.”

Revised barcodes are as follows:

Irish Mail

Monday              9771750 161716

Tuesday              9771750 161723

Wednesday       9771750 161730

Thursday            9771750 161747

Friday                  9771750 161754

Saturday             9771750 161 860

Sunday               9771752 169673


Derry Journal Euro

Tuesday City      9772755702027

Tuesday Inish    9772755702034

Friday City          9772755702058

Friday Inish        9772755702065


Londonderry & Roe Valley Sentinel   9772632624015


Newsletter Euro

Monday              9770307592119

Tuesday              9770307592126

Wednesday       9770307592133

Thursday            9770307592140

Friday                  9770307592157

Saturday             9770307592164

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