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Since the beginning of September, our exclusive Booker promotion has brought our members big savings!

Send in your images and receive more Booker vouchers in the post.

This is what just a few of our members had to say:


NFRN Vice President, Muntazir Dipoti, redeemed just a few of his Booker vouchers and has saved nearly £70.

He said:

“At this moment in time, the vouchers have come in very handy. It’s basically extra money in the till without anything coming out of my pocket.

“It also gives us the chance to try different brands that we don’t necessarily have on the shelves to see if they work in our shop.

“I think it’s brilliant that the NFRN has managed to come up with this deal from Booker.”



NFRN Member Sunder Sandher of One Stop, Lemington Spa, used our Booker vouchers saying:

“There’s not many companies who would give out free vouchers or money off vouchers like this to help shops in these difficult times. I’ve used them to buy things I would normally stock, but obviously it’s saved me a lot of money.

“It makes you think why would you not join the NFRN, because you get all these perks? It pays for your membership just by using the vouchers.”


NFRN Member, Karampreet Singh, also took advantage of our Booker vouchers.

The Singh family have been NFRN members for 32 years.

Mrs Singh said: “We are very grateful for the vouchers. At times like these they come in really handy.  During lockdown we struggled to get stock and the shelves were empty, but the vouchers helped us greatly. They have helped us to promote some new product lines, such as a new soft drink, beer, coffee, sweets and crisps, and they have all sold really well.”


With a retail sales value of more than £500 the vouchers can be redeemed in Booker and Makro branches nationwide up until November 3.

This exciting new promotion features some top selling products and comprises a mix of buy one get one free deals, free cases, money off leading products and some exclusive promotions. NFRN members will also have the chance to stock some exciting additions to Booker’s offering.

They can be redeemed in Booker and Makro branches nationwide for a range of top selling soft drinks, confectionery, alcohol and snacks products. Participating brands include Diet Coke, Oasis, Sprite, McCoys, Love Hearts, Carlsberg and Hardy’s wines.

We are encouraging our members to send in images of themselves with their Booker stock they redeemed with their vouchers. Any member sending in images will receive more vouchers as a thank you!

Send in your photos of the stock you redeemed with your vouchers and receive some extra in the post as a thank you!

This promotion is now finished. Join the NFRN to take part in the next promotion!

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