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Our campaign to get better quality security equipment for smaller shops is gaining momentum with members putting pressure on our elected parliamentary and policing officials. The Fed explains more.

Through a mix of face-to-face meetings, letters and invitations to zoom into meetings, members have been stepping up their efforts to raise awareness of the need for independent retailers to be better protected as incidents of retail crime reach tsunami proportions.

Wales president Vince Malone invited Dafydd Llewelyn, the Dyfed Powys PCC, to his Tenby store last month to discuss the growing problem of retail crime and the need for better security measures in independent stores.

Mr Malone said: “I stressed the impact it has on the independent retailer and that the wider impact on the community needs to be addressed.

“We spoke about our Safe, Secure, Supported campaign and the fact that we’re looking for a level of commitment from the authorities and the police to ensure we live and work in a safe town.”

He added: “It was disappointing to hear from the PCC that the multiples are not reporting shoplifting crimes. The message we’ve been pushing is that we are part of the community and want to be part of the solution.

“It’s our town, it’s where we and our families live and play. The police will always tell us there is a finite resource they have, and funding is tight. All we can do is continue to raise it at all levels.”

Writing to Mr Malone after the meeting, the PPC promised to take the issues raised to the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and to seek some reassurances regarding patrol plans, resources and engagement in the town, in particular with local businesses.

Mr Llewelyn added: “I am also especially keen to support the Safe Secure Supported Campaign and want to remind you that the town CCTV is fully functioning and is being utilised proactively by the police daily to identify criminality such as shoplifting, theft, or anti-social behaviour, as well as gather evidence for investigations. Keeping our local communities safe and preventing harm is a priority for us, so please be assured we are doing all that we can to make sure this is happening throughout Dyfed Powys.”

Mr Llewellen attended a Zoom meeting with district officials and members on February 27 to discuss the matter further.

He followed in the footsteps of North Wales PCC Andy Dunrobbin who joined the January meeting online. During this, Mr Dunrobbin was told that the trust between retailers and police was ‘fractured’, the 101 reporting line was not fit for purpose and police response times were inadequate.

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