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Natasha’s Law will come into force October 1 2021, and means any food you sell that is prepared on site and pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) will need to be labelled with the name of the food and a full ingredients list.

To aid our members, the NFRN has created an easy-to-read Natasha’s Law guide which can be downloaded here.

Pre-Packaged for Direct Sale food

  • Boxed salads
  • Pasta pots
  • Packaged sandwiches
  • Grab and Go Items like paninis
  • Wrapped sausage rolls and other bakery products
  • Pots of takeaway porridge

Generally, all food that is wrapped or packaged before selection will fall under new labelling requirements.

If a business provides PPDS food, they must clearly provide:

  • The name of the food
  • Full ingredients list with allergens specifically emphasised
  • Ingredient and allergen information provided must be accurate and presented in a suitable format
  • All ingredients found in a product must be listed including any sub-ingredients (e.g. spread on sandwiches, salad dressings)


  • Two million in the UK live with a diagnosed food allergy
  • Over 600,000 (1 in 100) have coeliac disease
  • Roughly, 10 people die per year from a food-induced anaphylaxis
  • Some 1,500 asthma deaths are triggered by allergies each year
  • For high-risk individuals, trace amounts of food allergens can trigger fatal or near fatal symptoms
  • Majority of people who suffered have no idea they are high-risk
  • Young adults and teens are classed as particularly ‘at risk’ of suffering severe reactions

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