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Due to the adverse weather conditions during the day (Friday, February 18) and overnight, newspaper publishers and news wholesalers are looking to implement their strategic contingency plans for Saturday morning’s distribution.

Below is an overview of the plans which, given the weather warnings, are highly likely be implemented.


  1. The forecast is that the weather will improve later this evening and into the night
  2. Contingencies will still be implemented
  3. All publishers have agreed to come off stone earlier
  4. Prioritising key areas for distribution – decision made on the night
  5. Communications between publishers and wholesales is vital and will be on-going
  6. Likewise, the same is true for wholesalers and retailers
  7. Trees and power lines down and high winds may cause areas to be undeliverable for both primary and secondary deliveries
  8. A level of understand is requested from all parts of the supply chain, but again clear communication is vital
  9. All publisher, and wholesale drivers will be advised of a safety-first message
  10. Likewise, retailers should do their own due diligence when sending out their own deliveries (in vehicles or on foot)
  11. All publishers are grateful for the efforts of everyone, but as above safety comes first

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