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New data sharing agreements to speed up crime reporting are to be trialled in Bristol, the local police and crime commissioner (PCC) told NFRN representatives at a meeting today.

Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford met with NFRN representatives on Tuesday 24 August, ahead of crime plan consultations in September.

The Commissioner understood the importance of this issue and highlighted the improvements Avon and Somerset would need, to tackle this issue. Mr Shelford confirmed the force would be working towards a new data sharing mechanism, to ensure there is an easier and faster way of reporting and communicating directly with your local officers. This will begin trials in Bristol and the force will look to rollout this scheme where possible in the surrounding areas.

NFRN representative and South West member Ray Monelle explained the impact of retail crime that our members experience every day and emphasised the need for the local police forces to do more to prevent and address these incidents of crime.

The Commissioner also assured the NFRN that the police force would focus on particularly violent crimes, and repeat offenders, clarifying what to expect as a standard police response in each instance.

The NFRN will provide more data and information to help identify the key areas in which this force needs improvement; and looks forward to working with Avon and Somerset police throughout the next few months.

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