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Northern Ireland members of the Fed welcome the confirmation of the details of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme that were released on Monday October 10th.

The scheme, provided by the UK government, offers comparable levels of support to the mainland measures and will span between Saturday October 1st 2022 and Friday March 31st 2023. Confirmation was provided that a review would be conducted after three months to determine the level of support that would be needed after the initial six-month window.

The scheme laid out that the relief would be available to businesses who meet the following criteria. Those:

  • On flexible purchase contracts
  • Deemed out of contract
  • On ‘day ahead’ tariffs
  • Signing new fixed price contracts
  • On fixed price contracts agreed on or after Wednesday December 1st, 2021

Details on the support prices set by the government can be found here.

The government have also confirmed those who will not be eligible for the scheme:

  • Fixed rate contracts signed prior to Wednesday December 1st 2021 are not eligible for support


The support is to be applied to all eligible bills automatically, no direct action is needed.

The Fed supports these measures set out by the UK government and is calling for relief to be extended past the initial six months to support retailers during this time.

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