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The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) is holding a national week of action beginning on October 17 , to support businesses and attempt to reduce business crime nationwide.

The NBCC will be holding operations in certain town centres and cities, running media and social media campaigns and engaging with local business. Supt Patrick Holdaway, who leads the NBCC and was a speaker at our 2022 Annual Conference in June, said: “The week of action is an opportunity to bring police and partners together to tackle the key issues of business crime in their communities. Each police force taking part will be holding various crime prevention activities and initiatives to increase engagement with local businesses and retail outlets and tackle some of the most prolific offenders.”

NBCC is encouraging businesses to display #ShopKind materials during this week of action. This is available to download for free here. The NBCC will be updating activities on their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Below is the timetable set out by the NBCC for their activity next week.

The Fed welcomes this week of action and encourages members to get involved by displaying the ShopKind materials.


National Business Crime Police Actions Week 

October 17





·        Retail visits prior to WOA and survey. DOCO review for retailers during week of action.

·         High visibility and covert patrols conducted during shifts. Social media updates.

·        Crime prevention messaging at stations. Specific briefing packs for the local area and ID sought bulletins. Joint patrols considered with H/O forces.

Locations of activity:   UK wide





·        Target shoplifting, ASB, Trading Standards work, NTE engagement with security staff,

·         Op LUSCOMBE (persistent street drinkers and begging).

·        Utilise Business Against Crime contacts to encourage stores to deter shoplifters. Business Against Crime officers from the LA are in place in Cambridge (CAMBAC), Huntingdonshire (HBAC) and Peterborough (PBAC).

·        Work with Trading standards for test purchasing. Engagement with security staff – Shopping centres/night clubs etc.  Link in with the ATM prevention work – Op Atmosphere

Locations of activity: Wisbech Monday, Huntingdon Tuesday, Wednesday SME’s, Thursday Cambridge, Friday Peterborough





·        Press release Monday highlighting the week, quotes from Supt and PCC.

·        Uniform and plain clothes patrols. Wednesday high profile day with Chester against Business Crime.

·        Social media updates published and linked to press release.

·        Thursday Day of Action Winsford Industrial Estate. Stand offering SelectaDNA kits, Police patrols and DOCO in attendance.

·        Monday and Friday uniform patrols Crewe town centre. Issue shoplifting packs and crime reduction leaflets. Reference work being done by Cyber Protect Officer and links to planned events.

·        Business self-assessment tool to be distributed.

·        Closing press release to on Friday, highlight success and reinforce need for positive relationships between police and businesses.

Locations of activity: Chester City Centre, Warrington Town Centre, Winsford Industrial Estate, Crewe Town Centre



City of London


·        SaBA days will be combined with other Policing Operations to maximise overall High Visibility and Engagement effect.

·        Monday engagement day & arrest packs,

·        Tuesday briefing, further review & arrest packs,

·        Wednesday high-visibility, day of action, NTE,

·        Thursday engagement, return to BAU

·        Friday review & collate feedback.

Locations of activity: Force-wide






·        All NPT Force-wide carry out activity across the week. Planned activity will vary according to resourcing, bespoke to business community needs in the relevant section but mostly town centre focused/retail

·        Pop up engagement stands designed and targeted specifically for the business community; combined with days of action – SaBA to run in conjunction with localised Op Orders for ‘Hot Spot’ high visibility policing operations.

·        NPT’s have local operations that they carry out periodically, and which we can now tie in to the ‘SaBA’ branding to give national reach, focusing on business crime.

·        Joint comms strategy with the PCC and contact made with BID to support.

Locations of activity:  Force-wide





·        Launch of Op Cargo 2022 aimed at reducing shoplifting in town Centre and retail parks in Darlington.

·        Op Trident/Hawkeye activity towards business premises target hardening awareness, cyber team will be delivering two webinars a regionally combined social media campaign across the region for the week.

·        RECCC delivering a Fraud webinar.

·        ECU proactively targeting business related SARs & DAMLs as a priority, Business Watch to be re-invigorated on the back of this WOA.

·        ‘Keep in the Know’ system to map CCTV opportunities, Shop Watch/Retail Parks during week.

Locations of activity: Stanley, Durham city, Seaham, Darlington, Bishop Auckland





·        Monday social media engagement.

·        Tuesday engagement day, targeted patrols at Blackwood town centre WDBC/NPT problem solving.

·        Wednesday Newport City Centre

·        Thursday Bargoed Town centre

·        Friday Cwmbran.

Locations of activity: Force-wide





·        Operations in Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Hart and Rushmoor.

·        Offender, working with BIDs and BCRPs. Launching OPCC and Southern Co-op Rehab Programme for top offenders.

·        Media managed by OPCC, supported by police. Media campaign prepared from NPCC resources and Crime Prevention guidance.

·        Operations with OPCCs office, for potential visits and engagement. SHBP sharing plans with Hampshire wide businesses.

·        Working with contact management centre, and triage hub, to focus on priority nominals identified within calls for service.

·        Intel Desk, to produce intel packs, briefings, ID Sought for top offenders for districts.

·        BIDs and BCRPs independently planning engagement strategies. I

·        Internal drive and focus on CPD for CJS and change in legislation for assault shop workers.

Locations of activity: Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke, Aldershot, Eastleigh.







·        High visibility and plain clothed patrols, PSPO enforcement and liaison with shop security, homeless engagement, hotspot and ASB patrols & Op Luscombe

·        Safer Business Day of Action – Scunthorpe + Op Forager drugs dog operation. Surveying, sign up business pledge in the town centre. CSU volunteers assisting in delivery

·        DOCO visit High Street, assess and relay recommendations on how the alleyways to the can be amended under community resilience and NLC Highways

Locations of activity: Force-wide






·        Advertise Business crime day of action through social media channels.

·        Engage and work with local private security to show a united front to business support.

·        Action around top ten offenders in retail crime. Top ten high crime retail outlet visits and bespoke security advice offered.

·        Engage with managers/security to understand what their concerns are and how these concerns could be tackled.

·        Deploy TC officers to visit retail premises that sell alcohol and see what their plans are in relation to World Cup planning.

·        The Kent theme for October is Burglary. Visits to second-hand stores and ensure correct practises are being adopted.

·        Business Crime Reduction Partnerships have sent a leaflet explaining how businesses can participate.

Locations of activity: Force-wide





·        Working with Safer Business Network to deliver engagement days across London. Each BCRP has around 150 member businesses we will engage with, deliver crime prevention advice and materials and problem solve with.

·        SBN are using their intel sharing platforms such as DISC and SentrySIS to promote the week.

·        All Town Centre Team Supervisors, Business Crime BCU SPOCs and P&P Partnership Hub leads to promote the week & support to events. Including crime prevention issues, repeat offenders, business impact statements. Environmental Visual Audits (EVAs) on targeted businesses and visits for ongoing engagement.

·        Briefing slide prepared for reminders to teams throughout the week, and we will be disseminating a link to Impact Statements for Business.

Locations of activities: Force-wide



North Yorkshire


·        Digital PCSOs used Force-wide – messaging, crime prevention advice & joint visits.

·        Anti-theft groups liaised with and joint work.

·        Work with BID, promote store radios, and advertise positives and enrolment.

·        Retail engagement sessions – key locations, partners offering property marking, crime prevention and engagement. High volume repeat victims revisited.

·        Rural crime prevention and engagement (farms).

·        Visits to known nominals for early intervention and disruption, youth partnership work at schools focusing on crime and consequences.

·        Work with CAP, plain-clothes activity targeting travelling criminals and daily thematic, such as 2nd hand dealers, licensed premises, vulnerable locations.

Locations of activity: North Yorkshire, 3 commands, County, City  & Coast





·        Each LPT is running a local operation focussed on engagement, prevention & enforcement.

 Locations of activity: Force-wide



South Yorkshire



·        Op Punk will be ran to prevent, deter and detect the offence of shoplifting and begging offences.

Locations of activity: City wide retail areas – Fox Valley, Crystal Peaks other TBC



West Yorkshire


·        Letter drops and social media, Visit to areas as above with Business Toolkit and offers of CP security bespoke survey and discuss personal safety for staff.

Locations of activity: Half day in Brighouse/Elland/Todmorden/Hebden Bridge/Sowerby Bridge. Full day in Halifax

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