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Social distancing and mask wearing to continue until mid-July as the lifting of lockdown restrictions is postponed

Social distancing and the wearing of masks in shops will remain in place until mid-July as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a four-week delay to the complete lifting of lockdown restrictions due to a rise in cases and the Delta variant.

“Freedom Day”, as it has been dubbed by the press, will now occur on July 19,  although the Prime Minister said he hoped for an earlier lifting of restrictions on July 5 if enough progress had been made in bringing down infection rates.

All lockdown restrictions were supposed to occur on June 21. It would mean the lifting of all restrictions including social distancing and caps on capacity. However, before July 19, the 30-guest limit on weddings will be lifted and large sports events (such as the Euros and Wimbledon) will be able to have larger crowds.

In a press conference held last night (Monday), Mr Johnston said:

Now is the time to ease off the accelerator. By being cautious, we have the chance in the next crucial four weeks to save many thousands of lives by vaccinating millions more people as fast as we can.

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