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Commercial Plus has been hailed as a “blessing” by members who were facing severe hardship and unable to pay their rent, or make a suitable arrangement with their landlord, amid Covid-19.

Commercial Plus managing director Barry Frost recently told TheFedOnline that any members struggling to pay their rent amid Covid-19 must speak to their landlord without delay; however, after following Barry’s advice, some cash strapped members were still unable to come to an arrangement with their landlords.

Despite the uncertainty and hardship created by the coronavirus pandemic, some landlords have been merciless when it comes to their rental agreements with retailers.

Omar Akhtar’s sister, Hinna Akhtar, contacted Commercial Plus when Hinna could not afford to pay the full rent for her store during the pandemic. He said: “The coronavirus pandemic came and the business took a big hit.

“The store is in a town centre and was massively affected by Covid-19.

“We had issues with our landlord throughout the pandemic because we couldn’t afford the full rent – which is a large amount – and he was unwilling to negotiate, despite the fact that we’ve never missed a single payment prior to Covid-19.”

After struggling to reach an agreement with the landlord, Omar and Hinna contacted Commercial Plus for support. “Barry immediately told us not to worry and put us at ease,” says Omar.

“He has been a blessing and hopefully we get somewhere now.

“Barry knows exactly what to do and how to go about things – he’s been in the business for years.”

Another member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has used Commercial Plus for 8 years.  “Barry has helped me a number of times throughout the years – I always go to Commercial Plus for help.

“Most recently, I went to Barry for help during Covid-19 because my landlord, who’s quite notorious, wouldn’t come to an arrangement over my rent. My store’s sales had decreased dramatically and I was unable to pay the entire rent.

“Barry used his knowledge and contacted my landlord’s solicitors and proposed another rent strategy.

“Barry is always helpful and I’d definitely recommend other NFRN members who are in need to contact Commercial Plus.”

With more than 30 years of experience in finance and commercial property, Commercial Plus has provided invaluable assistance to thousands of NFRN members.  It can also assist with applications for Covid-19 related funds.  Call Barry today on 01244 659101.

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