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The UK government has announced a new obesity strategy aimed at tackling a number of public health issues, particularly in regard to coronavirus.

While the strategy is long on ambition, there remains a lack of detail in most areas.

The proposals contain a number of aspects that are of concern for retailers.

These include:

  • A ban on volume promotions such as “buy one get one free”
  • An end to the use of prominent placement – for example shelf end displays or near till displays – to sell products that are high in fat, sugar or salt
  • Compulsory labelling for food to go companies with 250 or more employees.   The status of franchisees is to be consulted on.

While the devil is in the detail, the NFRN will be writing to the minister to express our concerns about the impact on small stores and kiosks of some of these proposals and to push for an exemption from any rules about placement for stores under a certain size.   We will also be looking carefully at the implications of changes to the food labelling rules for food to go.

If you have a food to go franchise within your store, please let us know by completing the feedback form below:

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